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Hi thanks in advance. I ran into a trap arm that has two 45' on it , and I asked one of our senior plumbers if that's ok to leave alone , he said it's fine to just leave those alone,, do you guys agree with him..I even read on a book that that's against code.but I'll rather have a professionals opinionImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1440440022.448477.jpgImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1440440041.424105.jpg
Category: Plumber Post By: CASEY HARDY (Holyoke, MA), 10/16/2016

no, it is not fine, that is a S trap. BUT...if you were at a clients house, you cant just start ripp'n into walls and fix'n sh uff on your own. someone has to pay for the labor and materials. maybe that is why your plumber said leave it. tell him it is an S trap, ask him what needs to be done. he will most likely say nothing, cause YA'LL aint working for free sometimes, we have to turn a blind eye, we are plumbers, not pipe police

- HOLLY STANLEY (Fountain Valley, CA), 09/03/2017

That is against any plumbing code around. BUT like frodo said, it is up to the customer as to what gets fixed. Something like that, I would definitely bring it to the homeowner's attention, and give them a price to fix it.

- DAN RIOS (Frisco, TX), 09/25/2017

Thanks frodo , I appreciate you're help.

- JULIAN CROSS (Tacoma, WA), 10/06/2017

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