Forum Title: Somewhat uncommon stem, needs replacement.
I've an ongoing... joke, with an exposed shower assembly and, specifically, the diverter valve, which switches between the shower head, and the shower hand piece. The shower assembly was made by Sterling Brass Works, which no longer exists. The stem in the diverter valve is my only issue, and I need find a way to replace/recreate it, if at all possible. I've attached an image of what remains. What is not shown was an exceptionally poorly designed/manufactured "cog", that stuck out, approximately 3/32", which was soldered onto the bottom surface of the stem, and was what did the work of switching from one output or another, when the stem & handle were rotated. Needless to say, it came off, before the unit was ever installed, and ever since (off & on), I've tried to replace it. Drilled & tapped the hole, which did not work, as there's not the thickness to the flat of the stem to secure something in such a fashion; attempted to re-solder something on, but am limited with my eyes. The other of the holes was done by someone who swore up & down that he'd fix it, no problem, etc., etc., took it, lost it, found it, drilled & tried to solder it, lost it again, and only brought it back today, after more than eight months, needless to say, in worse shape than it left. And so, now that I have it again, I turn to those in the forum who might know where/how to get a hold of a stem such as this, or one that may be successfully modified, to do the job. Any further details/measurements are readily available. Thanks very much, Ray~
Category: Plumber Post By: PAUL TAYLOR (Urbana, IL), 08/20/2016

I dont know what to tell you, sounds like a bunch of grumpy plumbers. seek out a different supply house. their are 2 kinds of plumbing supply houses. one caters to construction plumbers, very little repair work the other caters to repair work, little construction. you need the repair plumbing house, every town has one, you gotta figure out which witch is which around here it is called arrenders, the construction houses are southern pipe, fergusion interprise, nolands, look here

- SIDNEY BLAIR (Mission Viejo, CA), 09/16/2017

Frodo, Took your advice, and attempted to infiltrate the places of power (and plumbers). They'd all been broken of their will, and just referred me to the front office (showroom), which ended... poorly, for the quest. Any other ideas/suggestions? Thanks, R~

- PAUL TAYLOR (Huntington Beach, CA), 09/17/2017

take your part to a plumbing supply , not hardware store, but a sur'nuff plumbing supply go in the door marked counter sales, not he one marked customer show room see them guys drinking coffee? plumbers, be carefull, they bite, hand it to the guy behind the counter, bet him 5 bucks he cant find a match, you just peaked the curiosity of the coffee crowd. someone is going to ring the bell and want that 5 bucks oh,,best time to catch a full house, 7am or 330

- SARAH GONZALEZ (West Des Moines, IA), 10/04/2017

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