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We're taking down a section of the wall between our kitchen and living room and we want to drop the 'bar height' down level with the sink. Unfortunately, the bulk of the section we're removing has plumbing and electrical in it. Most of that is not an issue. However, I'm trying to determine if I can reroute the air vent for the plumbing as below. The closest I could find on how to do it would be with an 'island loop': I'm trying to determine if I can reroute the vent as such, rerouting in blue, existing sink level in red line: As far as I can tell, the relevant bit of the georgia plumbing code is this, but I'm trying to determine what exactly has to be 6" above the sink?:
Category: Plumber Post By: LESLIE HOWELL (Muskegon, MI), 06/15/2017

Its a concrete slab and the 3inch pipe is the only waste down through there. The right side of the T has been cut off and nothing goes there. I don't know why it was there but there is nothing connected to the right side of the T. A friend just suggested I don't need the loop at all, that I can simply reroute off the to side.

- LESLIE HOWELL (Fontana, CA), 10/02/2017

what is going on under he floor of the kitchen? I see 3'' stubbed up and a Cross, are their 2 drains ? your assumption is correct on the method of venting for an island. BUT with out knowing what/how the 3'' is installed now.[underfloor] I can not give you an answer that what you want to do will work. I would like more info.

- BENJAMIN BAILEY (North Port, FL), 10/02/2017

there is an old school island vent that will work. see the bad drawing

- CARLA LEONARD (Fargo, ND), 10/14/2017

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