Forum Title: Pea sized rocks in newer homes water pipes
I wet to repair a leaking bathroom faucet. Turns out it was 3 bathroom faucets on the 2nd floor. When the water on the faucet was closed, water still came out the spout so i bought Delta Brass and Plastic Faucet Stem Model #: RP25513. Turns out the shutoff valve was leaking to spout when i turned it off, so replaced Brass Compression In-Line Angle Valve but used the old nut and Ferrel. i noticed pea sized rocks and smaller ones in my water catch bucket and the copper pipe was gritty with sand - like rocks so i cleaned as best i could. The nut leaked some drops so i tightened super tight till water stopped. pulled out stem and seen small rocks at the bottom, got those out , replaced stem, and everything was good and no leaks till after 10th time of turning on and off, the handle was getting a lil stuck and grinding (more rocks) How do i rid all the rocks from the water lines? House is only 10 years old and rocks only seems to come from upstairs. i turned on the outdoor spigots to try and flush and made sure i went slow when tuning on the main water shut off valve. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: KATHY WARD (San Bruno, CA), 04/29/2017

What frodo said. You won the pebble lottery. It's probably just going to take time to get it all out.

- LORETTA BECK (Boise City, ID), 09/14/2017

the city could have repaired a brok'n line, and the trash came to visit you. you must have an old pet rock or something, cousin to the pebble's

- RACHEL GRAY (Santa Cruz, CA), 09/24/2017

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