Forum Title: I have Drain Flies and I can't get rid of them. please help
I left some dishes in the sink for about a week. I noticed a large amount of drain flies in my apartment. I cleaned everything, poured boiling water down the drain two to three times. Then i placed baking soda and vinigar down the drain and let it set, i washed that out with boiling water as well. Ive kept the drain plugged since then to keep them out. I went and bought that PLUMBING PIPE SNAKE CLEARNER liquid that fizzes. I poured that down a day later let it sit for an hour, then cleaned it out with hot water while running the disposal. About two days later i finally unplugged the drain by taking out the stopper. Not even within twenty minutes about fiften drainflies filled up the surrounding area. I dont know what else to do... im freaking out because i can't even have company over at this point.
Category: Plumber Post By: HERBERT FRANKLIN (Spartanburg, SC), 01/04/2016

Is this a double sink?

- LILLIAN BUTLER (Paramount, CA), 08/31/2017

USA, have you tried red wine as a trap? Pour a small amount into the bottom of a green bottle (like a mountain dew bottle or something) and set it somewhere that it won't get knocked over. They are attracted to the sugars. We've been having a problem with fruit flies from the store and the wine in bottle trick helped to reduce the population. Did you take apart the trap and clean it? There might be something sitting in the trap. I think you can use a bottle brush to scrub it-- although its possible that the flies are finding something inside the garbage disposal interesting. Its harder to clean the disposals. Did you try putting on a glove and wiping out the inside of the garbage disposal that you can access? (I know you said you cleaned everything but I'm not sure how you went about it).

- KELLY BELL (Boulder, CO), 09/10/2017

No its a single single sink with disposal. Thanks for the reply. (There small fruit flies) But since there in the drain they dont get trapped in those vinnigar traps, the just sit on the edge. Thats why i can tell there not your average fruit flies.

- HERBERT FRANKLIN (Moreno Valley, CA), 10/11/2017

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