Forum Title: How to unsolder and extend this short Cu pipe?
Looking for clever tricks for short pipe work: The builders ran 3/4" copper pipes back and forth from the unfinished attic to the basement for hydronic heating. I need to connect these to the boiler, but one run is only sticking out of the unfinished basement ceiling an inch or so, and it has a cap soldered onto it. I can't pull the pipe down at all. Above the OSB subfloor it's poking through is a 2x4 wall between two rooms, so I can't really cut away much of that to get better access. Does anyone have any tips for soldering with such a small pipe length?
Category: Plumber Post By: FREDDIE REESE (Shelton, CT), 03/21/2016

I would not risk it. That is too close to the OSB and the other wood above it. Cut into the wall above, and extend the piping. A little bit of drywall isn't worth burning your house down.

- KRISTINA SINGH (San Rafael, CA), 10/01/2017

Great idea, that's much simpler and safer. Thanks!

- NICOLE GOMEZ (Irving, TX), 10/04/2017

I would attempt it..not attempt, i would do it you need a piece of sheet metal. with a slot cut into to it as a flame guard. next. drill a hole in the cap. to let out any water that is trapped. heat the cap, by directing the flame away from the wood. remove cap. extend cap. this is not a diy job. this is a job for an experienced plumber. it can be done. have a fire extinguisher available during any hot work

- TERESA STEWART (Temecula, CA), 10/13/2017

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